Mobilization and management of resources is never an easy exercise for any government or authority, and it calls for ample input in intellectual and technical wherewithal. Challenges in establishing reliable channels of revenue collections have always been a constant headache for any government. Utmost care must then be taken to ensure that revenues are collected, allocated and utilized within and by systems that assure of prudent, transparent and accountable processes.

Revenue collection is the main gateway that grants the authorities the resources necessary to unlock growth and development. Inability to harness such resources through efficient and effective revenue collection is likely to render the government unable to serve its people.

For any government with an eye on attaining more ease, efficiency and effectiveness in revenue collection, the decision to automate revenue collection is far-sighted and is bound to play a very critical role in enabling the government attain its goals of bringing development to its citizens.

Sypay is a revenue automation platform with fiscal impact on revenue collections for government authorities to signification proportions.  It is the springboard from which to launch the revenue collection path to an upward trajectory. A tool that plays a crucial role in enabling authorities fulfill the aspirations reflected in their mandate of effectively undertaking the task of prudent resource mobilization, planning and management.

Sypay is a web based cloud platform build on new IT architecture that produces a resilient and integrated information for holistic resource management and independent resource control.  The platform introduces a comprehensive approach designed to optimize all aspects of revenue collection process. Sypay comes with an android application which is used by collecting officers in the field. Data is streamed on real time to the back end servers where analysis, reporting and authentication is carried out.