Sycom Africa is one of Kenya’s most innovative data collection companies. We dedicate ourselves to every data collection project.  No excuses, just data delivered.  Our company is based in Nairobi, Kenya, with branches and affiliate partners in several other countries.

Our region of operations includes Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, western African countries, South Africa and Jamaica.  With our widespread network and our professional and experienced team, we offer especially fieldwork research to our Clients.

As a data collection company, we work across all methodologies and offer a full suite of market research services. We collect data for insurance companies, Healthcare industry, revenue automation and government agencies and others. We have expertise in a number of methodologies and will adopt the most appropriate to your needs. The choice of data collection method is usually influenced by the data collection strategy, the type of variable, the accuracy required and the collection point.

We have full-time data hunters, who continuously expand our inventory of hundreds of online and offline sources for data. We combine and cross-analyze data from multiple sources to generate your insights. We continuously improve our analytical capabilities and revert to our network of experts where we meet the limits of our expertise. We endeavor to interpret findings and add value through observations and suggestions.

Some of our data collection modes:

  • Online
  • Mobile Market Research
  • Partnerships: Data Collection
  • Participating in a survey
  • Qualitative Research

we continuously invest in technology and target to supply quick results within the framework of ethical rules.