Sycom Africa Ltd; was incorporated in 2011  to be a leading software house for Africa.

Sycom Technologies is a business entity incorporated in Kenya in 2011. We are an entrepreneurship that specializes in providing state-of-the-art ICT-based solutions to a wide range of challenges in the society.  Our objective is to provide robust solutions and technological security innovation solution through the use of latest technological tools and others innovations. We are based in Nairobi with our headquarter at Real Towers, 3rd Floor, Hospital Road at Upper hill. We also have offices in Lilongwe, Malawi and Lusaka Zambia.

Sycom Africa vision is to be the leading software development house in Africa and mission to transform the society through technological solutions. Our values are team work where we leverage on collective genius, integrity, honesty, leadership, accountability, quality and passion.  our key area of expertise revolves around health systems, medical claim switching and payments gateways.

Under a visionary leadership combined with our highly talented and innovative experts in Software developments and integration is the driving force of Sycom.  Our workforce is comprised as below

Company Objective

†To be the largest software development house for Africa and

emerging economies and develop a highly skilled workforce.

†To increase customer satisfaction and develop clients further

†To minimize product delivery and adoption costs

†To develop world-class IT products in an effective manner

†To maintain and exceed industry level standards for IT delivery

Competence Area

Our Core competence areas are:-

  • eHealth System
  • Payment Gateway
  • Medical Claim Switching

Our Customers

  • Hospitals
  • Insurance
  • Government – counties
  • People